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I’m Harry Flaherty a Motion Designer from Kent

00.05 – 00.14: Orb catch – Personal project: Illustrated and animated

00.14 – 00.16: Left: Valentine post 2024 – Personal Project: Design and animated (Link)

00.14 – 00.16: Middle: 3D Cylinder and ball – Personal project: Modelled and animated (Link)

00.14 – 00.16: Right Ball Love Story – Personal Project: Designed and Animated (Link)

00.17 – 00.20: Ball Love Story – Personal Project: Designed and Animated (Link)

00.20 – 00.23: 3D Cylinder Warp – Personal project: 3D Modelled and Animated

00.23 – 00.24: 3D Pill and ball – Personal project: 3D Modelled and Animated

00.24 – 00.41: Spark&Bang Promo – Concept: Designed and Animated  (Link)

00.41 – 00.44: Jon Dickson DJ promo – 3D Modelled and Animated (Link)

00.44 – 00.46: The 2023 F1 Sprint Format Changes Explained! Designed and animated graphic overlays (Link)

I’ve worked closely with Harry on a number of projects and race weekend social content production. He got up to speed very quickly within F1’s complicated machinery of motion graphics creation and digital deliveries. He’s a talented designer both in still and motion graphics, always learning new tools and expanding his skill set. His creative talent partnered with knowledge of expressions and essential graphics was particularly useful to allow our editors to easily modify and implement standard graphics like name straps in their edits without needing help. I enjoyed working with Harry, as he proved to be a good-tempered, helpful colleague who doesn’t mind going the extra mile, doesn’t take constructive feedback personally and will do his best to deliver timely, quality work.

Working with Harry has been a great pleasure so far. His design skills and good taste have made every project we’ve collaborated on a good experience. Harry’s real strength lies in his understanding of our needs, his quick turnaround times, and his flexibility, even when faced with tight deadlines. This has made him a reliable partner to us.

I have worked with Harry on a wide mix of creative projects over the last 7 years. Harry is an absolute pleasure to work with – he is a good team player – he takes pride in doing a fantastic job (particularly on the animation front) and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

I had the pleasure of managing Harry for just over a year, he’s is a joy to work with, consistently demonstrated excellence in his field. With a plethora of motion skills and a commendable commitment to his craft, he will always go the extra mile to create engaging and innovative solutions.

Oliver Smee
Former Creative Director @ Ketchum
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